Selling Your Business

Merger and AcquisitionSelling your pest control business or passing it on to another generation?

If you are searching for help selling your business or transitioning the business to your children, you’ve landed in the right place!

Whether you are looking to transition into a less hands on position as an owner, or sell your pest control business altogether, we will guide you through the process. Who better than PCO Bookkeepers to help you evaluate the alternatives, help you structure the transaction and assist you in negotiations with prospective buyers.

By utilizing the services of our merger and acquisition division, PCO M&A Specialists, LLC you will engage the skills of tax attorney and M&A specialist John P. Corrigan, industry icon and PCO business merger and acquisition specialist, as well as CPA, Daniel S. Gordon to provide you with “Best Practices” in order to maximize profits and overall enterprise value of your business as well as minimizing the tax bite. It is only natural that we have the tools and the people to create the best exit plan from sales price to income continuation to tax planning.

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Questions on the Value of your Business or how the process works?

Benefits of using PCO M&A Specialists

It’s our multidisciplinary approach: It’s an integrated approach that considers your needs as well as how to best structure a deal from a financial, tax and legal structure that best meets your objectives.

We are CPA’s.

We understand that it’s not necessarily the highest price that yields the most money. It’s the effectiveness of the tax minimization strategies that yields the most money for sellers. We seek to:

  • Minimize Ordinary Income rate taxed at the highest rate of 37%
  • Maximize the Capital Gain rate with a maximum rate of 20%
  • Minimize the state tax burden using proprietary strategies depending on the state you do business
Former PCO Owner

We have a former PCO owner who has sold his own business and consults to hundreds of PCO owners on business management and other operational and financial issues?

  • With the amount of deals we do we have inside information on the most current valuations
  • We will get the most money for you on your deal
Merger & Acquisition Attorney

We have a Merger and Acquisition Attorney on our staff who makes sure that our client’s consider all legal aspects of a deal including:

  • Seller representation
  • Non Disclosures
  • Request for information/acquisition questionnaires
  • Letters of intent
  • Financing
  • Reviewing Purchase and Sale Agreements; and other aspects of the deal

Selling your Pest Control business?