Rentokil Steritech Acquires Fischer Environmental Services: PCO M&A Specialists acted as advisors on behalf Fischer Environmental Services.Past NPMA President and PMP Hall of Famer Bob Kunst Speaks About Selling His Pest Control Business to Rentokil Steritech: A Lifetime of Accolades and a Rewarding Career in the Pest Control Industry.

For over 40 years Bob Kunst  has been an industry leader, building his firm Fischer Environmental Services into one of the industry’s most well respected firms while serving as an NPMA president, Louisiana Pest Control Association President and serving as a four time New Orleans Pest Control Association President.

Bob’s accomplishments include FMC Lifetime Achievement Award as well as becoming a PMP Hall of Famer (Class of 2010). Bob is a true statesman for the industry. A responsibility that he has always taken seriously.

Selling A Pest Control Company:  Rentokil Steritech Acquires Fischer Environmental Services

M&A: The Decision to Sell to Rentokil Steritech: When we caught up to Bob to get his thoughts on how he harvested the fruits of a lifetime of hard work and what went into the sale of his company, he told us that it took great people to build his company and to help shape the industry.

He knew it would also take people with great expertise to value his company, negotiate a deal that not only maximized value but minimized taxes, manage the arduous task of buyer due diligence and navigate the legal documents specific to a pest management company sale.

While he read many articles on the subject and interviewed several brokers he became very comfortable with John P. Corrigan an attorney with PCO M&A Specialists (a division of PCO Bookkeepers). John laid out a very detailed process that included all the steps leading to a pest control company sale.

Bob quickly recognized that the pool of talent needed to move forward with the sale of his company would include a broker, a transactional/tax attorney, a CPA, and an analyst preferably with an MBA. Sounded like a lot of money and a lot of egos.

What Bob quickly realized was that PCO M&A Specialists (division of PCO Bookkeepers) had all that talent on staff who were ready to work on his deal to Rentokil – Steritech – No other broker in the industry had this depth of professional talent on staff. 

The PCO M&A Specialists team negotiated hard for Bob, helped him structure a deal that exceeded his expectations and brought the deal to a very smooth conclusion, allowing him to maximize his after-tax proceeds. Dan Gordon, CPA, John’s partner sat for several days with the purchaser’s M&A team leading the very stressful due diligence process. 

“Navigating this process can only go smooth with seasoned professionals like the PCO M&A Specialists team.They have assembled an outstanding team of professionals that help their clients interested in selling their businesses get maximum value. They are a team of CPAs, Analysts, MBAs and a transactional attorney ready to help. Their skill set includes determining value, marketing sellers to many buyers who have significant cash, are ready to buy, and who they have great relationships with. It’s a very powerful combination of talent that puts a seller in the driver seat. I highly recommend John and Dan and their team for anyone looking to sell their pest management firm. “

Bob Kunst

Owner/ Founder , Fischer Environmental Services

Thinking of Selling your Pest Control Business? 


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