Past NMPMA President and New Mexico’s #1 Applicator Licensee Chuck Simko on selling his pest control business, New Mexico Pest Control to Rentokil Steritech: A Rewarding Career Blessed with Loyal Customers and Dedicated Employees. In the pest management industry, it goes without saying that someone who holds a state’s first-ever issued pesticide applicator license (New Mexico applicator license #1), knows the business very well. Chuck Simko has worked in the industry for 48 years.

During the past 33 years since 1985, he has worked tirelessly to develop his Santa Fe-based company, New Mexico Pest Control (NMPC), into one of the most well-regarded and longest-standing independent pest control businesses in the state. Over the years, Chuck has served three separate terms as president of the New Mexico Pest Management Association (NMPMA), and the company has been a continuing member of NPMA. New customers have quickly come to realize the value of hiring an experienced industry professional and team of dedicated employees. Chuck is a shining example of how an entrepreneur, through their hard work, perseverance, and focus on customers and ongoing training, can create a highly valued business and provide a stable livelihood for employees and their young families.

The Decision to Sell New Mexico Pest Control :

On the very day Chuck celebrated his 70th birthday, he decided it was time to retire and sell his company. He had some thoughts about the type of buyer he wanted to see take over the business, to continue in his tradition of keeping both customers and employees satisfied. When he first contacted PCO M&A Specialists, he told us that it took great people to build his company and to help shape the industry.

He knew it would also take a broker with specific expertise in the pest management industry to develop an overall game plan, involving business analysis, marketing the business for sale, negotiating with a qualified buyer, and successfully bringing the deal to close. During our preliminary discussions, Chuck came to realize that PCO M&A Specialists (a division of PCO Bookkeepers) had all the needed talent on staff who were ready to work on his deal and signed on as a client. No other broker in the industry had this depth of professional talent on staff.

The Sale of New Mexico Pest Control to Rentokil Steritech : The PCO M&A Specialists team worked closely with Chuck, negotiated hard, and helped him structure a deal that exceeded his expectations. The deal was brought to a very smooth conclusion, allowing him to maximize his after-tax proceeds and to look forward to a more comfortable retirement in the years ahead. Per Chuck, “navigating this sales process can only go smoothly with seasoned professionals like the PCO M&A Specialists team.”

Thanks Chuck for your trust in us, we wish you much enjoyment in your retirement years! Congratulations on closing your deal!

“Based on my own experience I think PCO M&A Specialists, not unlike my New Mexico applicator’s license, are #1 in delivering on their service promise. They’ve assembled an outstanding team of professionals that help clients interested in selling their businesses achieve maximum value. Their skill set as CPAs, MBAs, and a transactional attorney, allow them to determine value, effectively market to buyers who have significant cash, are ready to buy, and who they have solid and objective relationships with. As the seller, I knew that the team were always advocating for me, and I always knew what the next steps in the process would be. I highly recommend Dan, John, and the entire PCO M&A Specialists team to anyone looking to successfully navigate through the selling process.”


Chuck Simko

Owner/Founder, New Mexico Pest Control

Thinking of Selling your Pest Control Business? 

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