Rentokil-Steritech Acquires Enviro Safe Pest Control: 

 Past Nevada Pest Management Association President and industry leader in the Nevada Market, Kurt Trombetti speaks about Selling his Pest Control Business, Enviro Safe Pest Control, and working with the PCO M&A Specialists team Daniel Gordon of PCO Bookkeepers and M&A Attorney, John Corrigan. On December 1, 2017 Rentokil acquired Enviro Safe Pest Control, Inc. The PCO M&A Specialists team acted as exclusive financial advisor to Enviro Safe. For over 20 years Kurt Trombetti has been an industry leader in the Nevada pest control market. He built his firm Enviro Safe Pest Control into one of the most well-respected pest management companies around.

Besides running this top-notch operation, Kurt was an active member in the Industry. He joined the NPMA to meet the more well-respected players in the industry, to exchange great ideas, help the industry and improve his company.” Furthermore, Kurt served as past President of the Nevada Pest Management Association (NVPMA), became an active member of the Associated Pest Group, holding Board positions with the Las Vegas Executives Association, as well as, giving to a local charity, Spread the Word. Kurt is truly one of the very well-liked good guys in the industry.

From PCO Bookkeepers to PCO M&A Specialists: The Sellers Ultimate Advantage!

Our relationship with Kurt started back in 2009 when he first signed up with PCO Bookkeepers, a division of PCO M&A Specialists that specifically manages Bookkeeping, AccountingCFO Services, and Tax Preparation and Planning for Pest Control business owners. Our team helped provide Kurt with the plan and the financial metrics to grow his pest control business and meet his company goals. 

The Decision to Sell Enviro Safe Pest Control to Rentokil: In a recent article published in PCT, Kurt and wife Heidi discussed how they built their company and what went into the decision to sell the company. Kurt stated, “early in his career he watched his competition, both large and small, to learn and implement new ideas to shape his company to look and feel the way he envisioned it would and should be.

After more than 2 decades, Kurt and his wife Heidi decided it was time for them to focus more time on family as well as dedicate time to their philanthropic interests.  Kurt and Heidi knew that the current Pest Control Acquisition market was extremely hot but had no idea how to go about selling their pest control company for maximum value.   They knew all the ins and outs of the pest management business, but had no idea how to go about valuing a pest business, structuring a deal from a tax minimization perspective, or navigating the legal maze in consummating a deal that would give them maximum after-tax value and provide legal protections.

The PCO M&A Specialists Team: “We will make sure it’s the right time to sell your Pest Control Business!”

After being a long-time satisfied client of PCO Bookkeepers, Kurt was aware of the skillset their team offered and knew he would be in capable hands when he enlisted the services of their merger and acquisition division, PCO M&A Specialists, to represent him during the acquisition of his Pest Control Company, Enviro Safe Pest Control. 

During the tenure of his engagement with PCO Bookkeepers, Kurt’s financial statements were cared for in a way that allowed him to make the best management decisions that lead to maximizing the value of the business. In order to achieve the maximum after-tax value of his business, Kurt knew that it would be imperative that his representation team include individuals that would be able to protect him and his wife’s interests, have a clear understanding of the pest control industry throughout the entire transaction process and after the transaction closed.

Already having an established and trusting relationship with PCO Bookkeepers Owner and published author Daniel Gordon, CPA , Kurt trusted that Dan and his PCO M&A Specialists partner, M&A attorney John P. Corrigan, MBA would facilitate a worry-free PCO merger and acquisition transaction process.

It is Not What You Get, it is What You Keep!  

Maximizing After-Tax Proceeds: The PCO M&A Specialists team negotiated hard for Kurt and Heidi in getting a deal done with Rentokil. The final deal terms exceeded their expectations and the team helped bring the deal to a very smooth conclusion, allowing the Trombettis to get a high valuation and maximize their after-tax proceeds.  Kurt said it best “Getting a deal like this done can only go smoothly with seasoned professionals like the PCO M&A Specialists team.”


Thanks Kurt and Heidi Trombetti and the Rentokil Team, it was a pleasure working with you all! – Dan Gordon

“Their expertise is far reaching and multi-dimensional. They do not just broker the deal, collect a commission, and leave you to manage your own legal and financial advisors who may not be familiar with how pest control deals get completed. I highly recommend Dan Gordon, John Corrigan and the whole PCO M&A Specialists team to anyone looking to sell their pest management firm. After speaking with others, no other broker in the industry has this depth of professional talent on staff. Their expertise in the pest control industry resulted in an outcome that exceeded our expectations.”

Kurt and Heidi Trombetti

Owners / Founders, Enviro Safe Pest Control

Thinking of Selling your Pest Control Business? 

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