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Recent Pest Control Industry M&A Transactions


The market for selling a quality pest control firm has never been better. The Pest Control industry valuations we are seeing are at an all-time high. We are currently in a perfect storm for sellers caused by low interest rates and “cheap money” for large publicly owned firms and private equity groups as well as large regional players. Because of our extensive base of clients in the Pest Control industry marketplace, potential buyers are always asking us about potential selling opportunities that might be a good fit for them to purchase.

As you may or may not know our firm PCO Bookkeepers is an accounting firm that specializes in working with PCO’s nationwide. We have CPA’s, Enrolled Agents and a Merger and Acquisition (M&A) and a Tax Attorney on staff that work with our clients every day. With this group of talented professionals, there is no better team to act as your M&A consultants. Our multi-disciplinary approach recognizes that it’s really about your after-tax yield from the sale of your business and not necessarily the gross price. This is what sets us apart from other merger and acquisition brokers. We understand the legal and tax aspects of a transaction and we can help structure the transaction so that you are protected and your tax burden is minimized. Depending on your objectives these deals could be structured several different ways including:

  • An outright sale and retirement for the current owner
  • A sale with the owner staying on as an employee for a period
  • A buyout that is paid over several years plus interest
  • An all cash deal

Working with our expert Merger and Acquisition consultants that specialize in the PMP space, the below companies have sold their Pest Control Companies for maximum value. Click on their logos below to read more about these pest management companies and their experience in dealing with PCO M&A Specialists.

PCO M&A Specialist's: Recent M&A Transactions

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