Congrats to the PCT TOP 100!

Daniel s. Gordon, CPA

The Past, Present, and Future of the Pest Control Industry

On behalf of the PCO Bookkeepers and PCO M&A Specialists team, we would like to congratulate the PCT TOP 100 on this fantastic achievement!  View Daniel S. Gordon’s presentation from the 2018 PCT Top 100 Awards Ceremony and Executive Summit.  Click here to visit the PCO Bookkeepers Website.

Recent Pest Control Industry Merger & Acquisitions

An open letter to business owners interested in selling their businesses:

There’s no way to determine how much damage COVID-19 will do to the pest management M&A landscape. While pest management firms should fare better than many other industries, there clearly will be economic damage. That said, the global firms that drove higher valuations recently have done a total “about face,” and deal flow has flipped from waterfall to small trickle.

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The importance of roles in a family business

By John P. Corrigan, JD, MBA, CPA Regardless of whether you want to ultimately sell your business and retire or transfer your business to family members, you cannot blindly continue along a path without evaluating where you are presently, as well as how long is the...

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Rentokil Acquires D’s Pest Control

  Rentokil Acquires D's Pest Control: Lubbock, Texas-based D’s Pest Control was founded as a part-time venture by Brian Duncan’s father, Robert, out of their family home more than 30 years ago. Brian was the first full-time employee of the company after he...

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