Is 2021 is the Right Year to Sell Your PCO Business – Webcast

Topics Included in this Webcast

Deciding if this year is the right time to sell your PCO business to maximize years of hard work requires considering multiple factors. There are both personal and internal issues and extrenal factors that are driving by the market, politics and taxes. In this short recorded webcast, 25 year industry veteran and Pest Control Business M&A specialist Dan Gordon will discuss:

1. What makes our perspective valuable, data driven and unique in the Pest Control Industry

2. External factors to consider like current and future tax implications

3. How to time the sale to maximize your quality of life and future of your family

4. How to maximize your valuation through recurring revenue, cashflow readiness and measuring/accounting for Covid on stability of your business

5. How we can help you start to evaluate the decision

About the Presenter

Dan Gordon – Certified Public Accountant
Founder – PCO Bookkeepers, Turf Books and PCO M&A Specialists

Daniel Gordon brings over 20 years of experience in accounting and managing high growth pest control companies. As an owner, manager, chief financial officer and industry consultant he has been involved with the development of several pest control companies from inception to hundreds of employees.

Dan is an expert in structuring pest control company merger and acquisition transactions with an eye on tax minimization while maximizing business value. He has facilitated transactions maximizing after tax proceeds for his clients totaling in the hundreds of millions of dollars over the past few years.

He brings extensive experience in working with Pestpac, Servsuite, PestRoutes, and Quickbooks in order to understand and extract additional company value when representing pest control clients in the selling process.

Started career managing and supporting M&A deals in the Stamford, CT office of Touche Ross & Co. predecessor firm to Deloitte LLP, an international accounting and consulting firm.