Owners of American Pest Control Speak About Selling Their Pest Control Business

American Pest Control : A Family-Run Pest Control Business Looks Towards the Future: Douglas Wade started his pest control career over 40 years ago working initially for a nationwide operator and later a smaller operator that Doug purchased in 1994 that is known today as American Pest Control of Montgomery County, Inc. (“APC”), a company that is owned by Doug and his spouse, Becky.

Over the course of time, Doug and Becky’s children, Brian and Deana, joined the family business and helped their parents build APC into a thriving company operating from Gaithersburg to Bethesda, MD as well as the Washington D.C. metro area.

 The Decision to Sell American Pest Control

Early in 2017, Doug and Becky began formulating a plan for their retirement and to do so comfortably would require them to sell APC to a third-party buyer. Doug and Becky had been approached in the past by several suitors but had never sold a business before. With Brian and Deana’s assistance, the family made a concerted effort to find an experienced business broker that could structure the best deal possible to achieve their retirement funding needs. They also sought to find a qualified buyer that would continue in their tradition of delivering great service and have a culture like their own and provide their valued employees security and greater career growth opportunities.

The Sale: Anticimex Acquires American Pest Control

The PCO M&A Specialists team worked closely with the family members to develop a suitable plan, an appropriate range of values, gather and produce the financial and operational information to properly market the company for sale, and ultimately structure and conclude a deal with the right buyer. In the end, Doug and Becky were able to achieve their goal and can now look towards a more comfortable retirement. Additionally, Brian, Deana, and the other APC employees have a bright future ahead becoming new employees of the buyer.

Thanks, Doug and Becky for allowing us to assist with your sale. We wish the entire family a great future of happiness and success!

“Are we glad the family made the decision to sell our business and enlisting the help of an experienced industry broker? Absolutely, without question! The PCO M&A Specialists team worked very hard over the course of many months to help us bring together a project that would otherwise have been a daunting task if had to do it alone. We believe that we achieved the best possible outcome for the entire family and our employees. The PCO M&A team have very broad and deep experience in valuations, taxes, accounting, contracts, pest management service software, and everything else we needed and found out going through the sale process which is much more complicated than we ever imagined. They were worth every penny!” Doug and Becky Wade

Owners / Founders, American Pest Control

Thinking of Selling your Pest Control Business? 

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