Rentokil Acquires Dugas Pest Control:

Past National Pest Management Association President and Owner of Dugas Pest Control Laura Simpson Speaks About Selling Her Pest Control Business

An industry icon, Laura Simpson has previously served as a Director and President of both the Louisiana Pest Management Association and the National Pest Management Association. Laura is also President of LIPCA, an insurance company providing commercial casualty insurance and related services to pest companies.

Dugas Pest Control is a QualityPro certified company that has served southern Louisiana for more than 50 years. Laura, who graduated from LSU with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, took over Dugas Pest Control from her father, Doug MacPherson, who purchased the business in 1973.

Laura has always focused on delivering exceptional customer service and in 2018 was awarded the Paul Adams Award of Excellence by the Louisiana Pest Management Association. This award, given to just thirteen people since its creation in 1983, is the highest honor the Association can bestow upon a member.

Retiring after a Successful 35+ Year Career in the Pest Control Industry-
The Decision to Sell Dugas Pest Control to Rentokil:

Laura and her husband Floyd decided it was time for them to sell the business and retire to their mountain home in Montana. They had some thoughts about the type of buyer they hoped to see take over the business, to continue in their long-standing tradition of keeping both customers and employees satisfied, especially since Laura’s son wanted to continue his career in pest management with new opportunities presented by the buyer.

Laura realized that selling a PCO business is not the same as operating a PCO business and making the decision to move forward is also an emotional choice that affects family members and employees. So, Laura reached out to her own trusted accountant, Dan Gordon, Managing Director of PCO M&A Specialists (a division of PCO Bookkeepers). Having known Dan for many years, Laura knew that Dan and his M&A team had the expertise and synergies needed to develop an overall game plan to find the right buyer for Dugas Pest Control.

Pest Control Industry M&A: Rentokil Acquires Dugas Pest Control:

The PCO M&A Specialists team worked closely with Laura to develop a suitable plan, gather and produce the information needed to market the company for sale, find the right buyer, and structure a deal that ultimately exceeded her expectations. While the deal was progressing, the M&A team were in constant communication with Laura so that she knew what was going on and what the next steps beyond would be. In the end, the deal was brought to a very smooth conclusion, with Laura and Floyd maximizing their after-tax proceeds and now looking forward to a comfortable retirement.

– Thanks Laura and Floyd for putting your trust in us. We appreciate your kind words! Enjoy your home but watch out for grizzly bears in those Montana mountains!

It’s not every business owner who is fortunate enough to have built a great company, sell it for maximum after-tax profit, and now be able to afford a retirement in the home of my dreams in the mountains.

I always knew that I would seek out Dan and his team once I made up my mind to sell the business. There really was no need to speak with other business brokers because I had such trust in Dan and his colleagues. It was a relief to know they were there in my corner, made the deal process as smooth as possible and ensured that all I’s were dotted, and T’s crossed in the contract.

The PCO M&A Specialist team did everything they said they would do for me with great precision and were always looking out for my best interests. It doesn’t get any better than that, and so I’d highly recommend this team of experts to any owner who’s contemplating the sale of their pest management business.

Laura Simpson

Owner , Dugas Pest Control

When the LEADERS of the Pest Management Industry Decide to Sell Their Businesses, They Choose the LEADERS of the Pest Management Merger and Acquisition Business to Help Them Sell their Businesses for Maximum after Tax Dollars.

We are fortunate that we had the PCO M&A Specialists team to look after our interests, find the right deal, negotiate and structure it for maximum after-tax dollars. They did everything they said they would do for us always looking out for our best interests. We highly recommend this team of experts to any owner who’s contemplating the sale of their pest management business.

Ray Johnson

Past NPMA President , Johnson Pest Control

When the time came to sell, we knew that Dan Gordon, CPA, his attorney partner, John Corrigan, and their team of MBAs and CPAs would get us the best deal on all
aspects important to our family. PCO M&A Specialists also did an outstanding job coordinating all the moving parts leading up to the consummation of the transaction.

Lupini Family

Joe Lupini, Past Virginia Pest Management Association , Loyal Termite and Pest Control

Selling a long time established family business is a huge and very emotional decision. Dan and John helped us make the decision to sell, and did a great job getting us the best offer while making sure that we minimized the tax bite. I can’t say enough about how they navigated the valuation and the tax and legal minefields in getting our deal done!

Laura Simpson

Past President NPMA, Dugas Pest Control of Baton Rouge Inc.

 The PCO M&A Specialists team worked very closely with me to help me achieve my primary goals. Dan, John, and the entire PCO M&A Specialists team are seasoned professionals, and their expertise in the finances and unique legalities of the pest control industry resulted in a deal that went smoothly and achieved an outcome that exceeded my expectations.  

Kurt Trombetti

Past President Nevada Pest Management Association, Envirosafe Pest Control, Inc.

 The PCO M&A Specialists team are CPAs, Analysts, MBAs and a transactional attorney ready to help. Their skill set includes determining value, marketing sellers to many buyers who have significant cash, are ready to buy, and who they have great relationships with. It’s a very powerful combination of talent that puts a seller in the driver seat.

Bob Kunst

Past President NPMA, Fisher Environmental Services, Inc.

 Their expertise is far reaching and multidimensional. They don’t just broker the deal, collect a commission and leave you to your own accountant or attorney who may not be familiar with how pest industry deals get done. They are a team of seasoned professionals who are ready to help. 

Dave Castro

Past President New Jersey Pest Management Association, Merlin’s Pest Control, LLC

 Based on my own experience I think PCO M&A Specialists, not unlike my New Mexico applicator’s license, are #1 in delivering on their service promise. They’ve assembled an outstanding team of professionals that help clients interested in selling their businesses achieve maximum value.


Chuck Simko

Past President New Mexico Pest Management Association, New Mexico Pest Control, Inc.

 I count my blessings for having been able to work with and come to rely upon such an experienced business brokerage team as PCO M&A Specialists. They did everything they said they would do with great precision and were always looking out for the best interests of my wife and me. It doesn’t get any better than that! 

Dana Pratt

Past President Washington State Pest Management Association, Pratt Pest Management Northwest, Inc.

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