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PCO Merger & Acquisition Consultants: 

Why should you use PCO M&A Specialists as your Merger & Acquisition Consultants? 

Over the past several years the merger and acquisition activity in the pest management industry has increased at a dramatic pace. Obviously, the reason for this activity is the phenomenal valuations that are being paid for high-quality firms. When we hear about these big deals the discussions are about the multiple or the dollar amount received. It’s never about how much the owner kept after taxes or the favorable terms of the deal.

Have these consultants or brokers really gotten their clients the best after tax value? Being that our firm is often called upon after a deal is done to prepare the tax return, and understanding deal structures from both a tax perspective as well as an overall valuation proposition, I can say that the answer is usually not and that money was left on the table.

It is for this reason, we have created a separate division of PCO Bookkeepers that provides experienced guidance to pest management professionals interested in selling their firms at the maximum after-tax value with the best terms possible.

PCO M&A Consultants: Our Value

 What do we understand about the decisions behind selling a pest control business?

Time Management

We understand that many owners may not have the time or inclination to dig into their routing software thoroughly as it is not their focus.

Industry Expertise

We understand that most PCO’s delegate and depend on others to manage the computers and may depend on staff to run reports in their routing software . WE DON’T need you or staff to do any computer searches, it’s one of the things we do best!


Committed to Excellence

We understand that an owner may not want their staff to know they are thinking of selling the Pest Business. Our skill set and ability offers the opportunity for our clients to collect all the important information while keeping the process completely confidential!

The PCO M&A Specialist Partners

Daniel S. Gordon, CPA

Daniel S. Gordon, CPA

PCO M&A Specialists CPA

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John P. Corrigan, JD, CPA, MBA

John P. Corrigan, JD, CPA, MBA

PCO M&A Specialists Attorney

Learn More About John Corrigan 

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